EVENT OVERVIEW – Daisy Love Experience

GTMS worked with The Persuaders to create an enticing ‘scent station’ that would leave consumers immersed within the irresistible aroma of Marc Jacobs Daisy Love


THE BRIEF – Engaging. Spectacular. Scent-sational

After 10 years partnering with GTMS, the team at The Persuaders entrusted our skilled crew to design, create and install an experience that would pull audiences away from their usual shopping routine, and into a world of sense stimulation.

THE SOLUTION – A Blooming Brilliant Display

As per the usual GTMS commended way, the team worked together to plan the production, logistics and delivery of this unique experience. Installing in a high-end retail store, GTMS produced 4 impressive flower structures to fully captivate the ‘sun-drenched beach’ scent appeal. Each flower sat within its own box, towering over all viewers to remove them from the retail environment and into the world of Daisy. As consumers approached the structures, they released a mist of the fragrance for all to enjoy. Even with the smallest stem weighing 8kg, and the stand stretching over a length of 15m, the crew had just 6 hours to complete the overnight install. But, with our hard work and dedication, we were able to bring together this astounding display.