Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Challenge Experiential Foodies Ice CreamColgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Challenge Experiential Foodies Ice Cream

EVENT OVERVIEW – GTMS work with Wavemaker to create the Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Ultimate Challenge

The GTMS team worked closely with media agency Wavemaker to design, create and produce the promotional stand and event kit for the Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Ultimate Challenge.  The team also helped develop the promotional concept and supported Wavemaker on the winning pitch.

THE BRIEF – GTMS were ask to help create a fun experience to target foodies at event across the UK

GTMS were tasked by Wavemaker to create a brand experience event to convey the benefits of using Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief and deliver 250,000 samples into food lovers hands across the country.

THE SOLUTION – The Colgate Sensitive Ultimate Challenge

What cook be more challenging for people with teeth sensitivity than eating ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.  Housed in a stunning inflatable our mobile ice cream parlour visited Foodie Festivals across the country challenging people to put some Colgate Sensitive on their teeth before trying an ice cream.  Brand ambassadors were then on hand to collect the results.

Over 20,000 people took up the challenge with 9 out of 10 people stating that they did not suffer any teeth sensitivity following the challenge and 8 out of 10 people said they’d be switching to Colgate.  Over 250,000 samples were distributed across the course of the campaign.

Due to the huge success the campaign was repeated for Colgate Sensitive’s re-brand the following year.