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Brows, brows, brows. As Benefit Cosmetics launch their new brow collection, GTMS have been working alongside The Persuaders to create a training extravaganza for all ‘Bene’ staff. We knew the best solution – using an existing Benefit shipping container and converting it into an impressive cabaret style magician’s theatre.

Converting shipping containers isn’t anything new to us here at GTMS and having done various other container conversions for Benefit and The Persuaders before, we challenged ourselves to make the Benefit ‘Browzam’ container the most exciting.

The theme for the brow tour was MAGIC. Our creativity shines through the décor as we completed the interior with a sparkling LED lighting system, velvet walls, glittered ceiling and even top hat tables and lamp-shades.

For such a huge launch, it was crucial that GTMS made the refurbishment impressive, in a way that will introduce, excite and inform Benefit staff about the new brow collection.

The truck and container travelled all over Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland, landing at big cities including Glasgow, Leeds and Birmingham. The truck saw 5 sessions a day with a total of approximately 1,900 Benefit staff through the doors.

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